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Code of Ethics
Home owners rarely climb ladders or look up their fireplace chimney; you trust that the work has been done properly and thoroughly, because it's critical to your family's safety.


Our members agree to uphold the strictest levels of customer service and professionalism. This binding code of ethics reads as follows:

We accept the task of developing in our clients, the general public, and state and local governments, an understanding and respect for the proper installation, operation and maintenance of all chimneys and venting systems and their connected appliances and applications.



We require our members to accept the role of informed and articulate professionals, to adhere to the use of the National Fire Protection Association’s Standard 211 current edition, the International Residential Code current edition and all other adopted local or regional codes and ordinances, and to admit openly when we are unsure of the proper course to follow.

We criticize those who would disparage a competitive product or service in order to enhance their own products or services through unfair comparison.

We endeavor to develop a respect for precision and accuracy in the performance of our duties, and to ensure to the best of our knowledge and ability that all we have claimed to do has been done.

We require the use of liability insurance to assure protection for our clients, our businesses, and ourselves.

We dedicate ourselves fully to these principles, confident in the belief that education, professionalism and honesty ultimately will prevail in the free marketplace.

We dedicate ourselves to protecting the lives, health, property and welfare of our clients and the public by establishing and maintaining high standards of integrity, ethics, education, skills, equipment and practice in our profession.

We dedicate ourselves to promote chimney and venting safety through a continuing program of public information. This information is designed to inform and educate the general public to reduce the fire hazards and threat of loss of life and property associated with the improper installation, maintenance and operation of wood, pellet, coal, gas, oil and bio-fuel burning appliances and their chimneys and venting systems.


To inform the New Jersey Chimney Sweep Guild of any issues or concerns that you may have encountered with any of its members please contact 973.919.4465